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What do the users feel about EBC for Dynamics AX, NAV and C5

EBC budget modules are installed in a large number of Danish businesses. Below you can find some selected opinions from some of our many satisfied customers.

Expecting an optimising of market shares as well as a substantial expansion on the furniture side, Kring Office A/S invested at the beginning of 2004 in a NaviScan budgeting module.
Until then the budget part was a simple spread sheet, but with the new business initiatives, the necessity of a secure and effective budgeting program was seen as vital.
As we are using XAL the choice was simple, as NaviScan budgeting module serves the purpose, which a modern and growing business needs.

We are still only at the “beginning stage”, but can already now see the many advantages the budget module gives those responsible for the results as well as management.

Lis Larsen


The use of NaviScans budget module has given the sales department of CHRIS-WINE A/S the opportunity for budgeting both goods and customer groups, in a well known and clear environment (MS Excel).
In addition the department has the pleasure of running estimates and follow-up of budgets.

 Nina Jørgensen
Chief Accountant



We purchased NaviScan EBC in autumn of 2003. After a presentation of the system and its possibilities we were then and are certain that we have now found the real tool, which in all areas lives up to our demands for the preparation of budgets.
NaviScan EBC contains many unique features – budgeting of student years, both with number and subsidy size – budgeting of salaries incl. calculation of taxes as well as budgeting in all areas, departments, staff and purpose. Further can all financial reports be written directly to Excel, where everything is formatted. When we have to work out estimates, the system handles this easy and effectively. The system appears well thought-through and will in future contribute to a much better control.

We use the budget system for:

• 50 product lines in the budget phase (containing about 1900 items)
• The product lines economic relationships are automatically transferred to product sales- and product use finance accounts as well as budgets.
• The follow-up on budgets, where budgets and actual figures are registered at product group level.
• When selecting one or more product groups the level of specification can be done at the level of the individual product item.
• 15 debtors groups are possible to monitor when comparing budget with actual figures.
• A debtors group can be specified right down to the individual shops actual turnover.
• Finance budget follow-up takes place per department.

We can recommend the budget system in particular with an emphasis on the follow-up on the contribution of each product group and of each product number level.
It is the strongest we have so far seen in this field, as one can make a budget revision fast and are able to keep rolling budgets.






Rikki Tikki Company A/S
 Mariagervej 3
 DK9560 Hadsund

 Tlf.:  98 57 27 55
 Fax:  98 57 27 54



By request I will like to express my satisfaction with your budget application, which Coferro A/S implemented in December 2003 to be run on our Concorde XAL v. 2.8

Our company is an ordinary trade company with a wide range of products and with sales representatives each with customer sales responsibility.
Compared to our company’s budget policy the Naviscan application fit in very well – not at least due to the 100% integration to our XAL system.

After the implementation and a period of learning we are in the situation that our sales people and as well as our financial department have gained added value during the budget process.
The added value arises from overall reduced time consumption – when producing the budget and not least when following up on actual sales and expenses.

The system makes it possible to produce sales budget for customers and product categories and even on item numbers with individual seasonal considerations which makes the sales efforts much more focused.
The expense budget can be made just as easy and functional.

The forecast procedure during the budget year will also gain from the system leaving more time for qualitative analysis

Mac Allerup
Financial Manager

EBC speeds up budgeting

We are satisfied with EBC-budget as a whole and we have received a fine support from Naviscan in connection with the implementation of the program and accomplishing the budget phase for 2008/2009, which was done considerably quicker than previously

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Success with EBC
Doing budgets is one thing. Continuously adjusting them and actually using them in practice is another, Auditdata had come to realize
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EBC as a management tool
Allsize Company chose to combine Microsoft Business Solutions-C5 with NaviScan Budget, and this turned the budgets into useful control tools. 

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