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Facts about EBC Budgeting Module for Dynamics AX, NAV and C5.

Basic Idea
One of the basic ideas of the EBC budgeting module is that everything takes place in clear, easy to see menus and that the use of the module is simple and uncomplicated.

The result of a budget can be presented on the screen or be printed, in balances – good/debtors specifications, possibly combined with actual figures – this gives the business a good overview as well as the possibility for correcting marketing plans etc.

EBC is built up in modules and can as such be suited for the exact level of specifications which are needed. If additional degrees of specifications are required, the module only has to be expanded with the next step. A budget facility, which without unnecessary working routines gives the possibility for detailed budget maintenance.

EBC budgeting systems work as an integrated part of Microsoft Dynamics AX – NAV and C5 as well as XAL and can be based on previous years’ results of previously recorded budgets. These can be calculated directly in ERP systems or read out to an Excel spread sheet, where further corrections can be made. After this the numbers are automatically incorporated into the ERP system. The budget is now ready for use. The same procedure is naturally also applicable when revising budgets. When budget estimates are to be prepared, the EBC budgeting system will automatically compare year to date results with the budget. As such it will be possible to constantly work out estimates and thereby ensure a better control.

EBC generates a total budget containing sales- and cost budgets, balance sheet and cash flow.

The budget can be specified right down to item numbers (incl. pieces) – per customer – per department or per account, depending of the choice of module. At the same time it is possible to budget at all levels.

EBC has a built in create/copy function, such that budgets – estimates can be copied and later changed. We call it BOD (budget on demand). Correct information at the right time.

EBC works online in the financial systems and Excel, which gives a satisfactory and safe working process.

EBC works with pre-configured modules and easy to use Excel spread sheets.



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